The end is near and then again…I was absent. On day 9 meeting was the second time that I was absent. My heart is eager to attend but my physical being has important thing to do. Day 9 is the 2nd remaining day of our training.

Anyways, even if I was absent, I need to gathered resources and do research on what was the activities on that day are all about. I asked my classmates about the topics and since I didn’t heard the lecture I do internet research and ask further from classmates so I could fully understand.

So this was I got info from my classmate. They started a story about the man and as usual a story of “rag to rich” person. He started nothing during his early days. He ended as a homeless man, he slept in the streets, unable to pay a rent or to buy a food. There is instances that he sold his dog to the liquor store because he can’t feed it anymore. This man is separated from his wife. Weeks later, he saw a boxing a match of Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and through that match he had an inspiration to write a script. He was able to write a script within 20 hours and someone made an interest of his script. He got an offer for $125,000 for the script but he rejected because he want to play the role of the main character of the movie. That is his ambition to be an actor on a movie scene. The movie named as Rocky Balboa. The movie made it success and that man is no other than Sylverster Stallone in real life. Because of his fortune he was able to buy his dog again for a higher price.  The best quote of Sylverster Stallone is “I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.” and also this one “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.”

What they tackled in day 9 was finding blogs. Our instructor directed them to look for blog that is relevance to the topic that is going to be shared in the social media. Instructor gave some tips how to write an article on our own and to have a unique content.

That was it and everybody was busy finding blog except me. HAHA.


Day 8 RIS Technical Training

This is our day 8!

As usual we start with the program and part of it is the icebreaker that is so fun and followed by the motivational stories by our instructor Mr. Mar Ian. He talked about the life of Steve Job the maker of apple technology. Famous, prominent, successful people in the world, most of them experiencing grave struggle before they reached their status quo. One of them is Steve Job.

Again, today our instruction reiterate to finish up our backlogs. I made the social media profile for our MSME; google + google brand page, twitter, youtube, instagram, linkein profile and linkedin company page. We concentrate on that for us to finish that task.

Our instructor also reminded us that we have to more meetings, physical meeting and after that we are going to start on online marketing campaign. So what should we do is to finalized the website to make it presentable for the viewers. It will fascinate the customers. On this day onwards is the crucial days. This is the time that we could rate how beautiful our website is.

Huh!  Actually I made this blog and some other tasks experiencing stomach cramps, so uncomfortable but I have to go on. This pain is just temporary.

Time to break to ease the pain.


Day 7 RIS Technical Training

As usual we open our day with a program, prayer, summary and review of our last meeting. Our instructor shared a story to motivate us in our training. He shared the life of one of the wealthiest people, how she become successful amidst her struggle in life. The person in the story is no other than Oprah Winfrey. Our struggle is just too little compared to Oprah. The life story of Oprah relates to the metamorphosis of larva into a butterfly. The larva inside the cocoon will pass the stage of struggling to come out from the cocoon the expose the beauty of a new butterfly. Without the struggle, there’s no success. As the saying goes; we can’t appreciate success without experiencing hardships.

Today, we are doing to add up the data privacy policy, return and refund policy and terms and conditions as another pages. It is to protect and disseminate personal or private information about individuals or organizations. Data privacy is considered an important aspect of information sharing. Personal information vulnerabilities have increased, that is why it is very important for us to review all the details that we put and share in the internet.

We add those statement at the footer of the pages. Like the usual commercial business, it is also needed in e-commerce. These statements are used for legalities whenever issues arises. For the website we made, we have to submit it to our MSME for approval, maybe he can add or delete something from the statement. What important for now is we already know how it is being done.

We consumed a little time to discuss these matters, so we continue to work with the website development. We review and done the backlogs. I continue doing the SEO and photo editing.

That’s end up for today.



Day 6 RIS Technical Training

We already go a long way with our training. We are now on day 6 and we learned a lot in creating website but there will be a lot more to learn for us to become pro.

As usual we start the day with a program and of course it was hosted by our group. We did an icebreaker and after which we reviewed and summarized about yesterday’s activities.

Today’s topic is creating and enhancing content and optimizing it in the google search engine. The purpose of this is to make all green in the SEO Yoast.

As I listened to our instructor, I feel like crazy. I have to make all product pages green? I whispered to myself, could I possibly do it? But I say yes, I can, that is why I am here to learn. I look at the whiteboard intensely to learn how to make the content with green SEO. Sir Marl repeatedly said the the Yoast is our friend and at the same time enemy in the SEO. At least Yoast will guide us what how to do make green in our content. The analysis will show some problems as guide on how to improve our content to make it good in the SEO and readability to the viewers.

Next topic we took up was the use of Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a tool in e-commerce where we can compose template letters for the customers. It is very useful in e-commerce to minimize the time in composing, customizing and sending letters or newletters to the customers. In this tool we can organize the contacts and communication of our markets. CRM is very important, this is the tool where we can build manage and build relationship to loyal customers as well as prospects. We can also monitor our sales thru CRM.

I learned a lot today.

Day 5 RIS Technical Training

We are now on our Day 5 Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training. The main topic for today is Product Photography and Google Analytics.

Before the proper lecture, we begin our session with a program hosted by group 5. They lead icebreaker and proceeded with the wrap-up of last session. After their presentation, our instructor open his part with motivation and a true to life story with a great lesson to learn.  I was amazed with the story of the man who moved mountain. At first, it seems that what was he did was just a waste of time because imagine doing just the use of what he had, a shovel and pickaxe. I imagined that people looking at him at that time wandering what he was doing, but Dashrath Manjhi did all that for his love toward his wife. He kUntitledept on digging until they realize that it was useful indeed to everybody.

Today’s topic is about photography. It is essential in e-commerce business, it draws potential customers to buy the product so it should be so nice and presentable.

Our instructor Mr. Marl Ian gave us tips on how to make our photos presentable and precise. We watch videos on how to eliminate shadows of the photo. He showed us the use of lightbox. The purpose of using lightbox is to diffuse the light.

On this task we will take photos for each product. We are then told to have five images, three for product images and the two another are for context images. For products images it present the details of the products the label of what is in the product and for the context images, it will show the consumer or the user how it is being used. In taking photos it is important to have photo light set-up. It should be fit and nice to look when the image is in white background, the image is so precise.

Google analytics is also introduce to us trainees. We add it to plug-ins and installed. We were taught how to view the tracking of the website we performed.

We learned so much for today’s session


Day 4 RIS Technical Training

We are now on Day 4 of our training. Today, we discussed about Value Proposition and we also tackled on dong the site map for the MSME.

For the value proposition it reers to a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy or patronized the product or services. Then it convince a potential consumer that one particulat product or services will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings will. Companies use this statement to target customers who will benefit most from using the company’s products, and this helps maintain an economic moat. One of the group make a demo infront as an example. After that we did that also to our MSME.

We then take our break for lunch and then we proceed on making a site map for each of our MSME. I let my MSME to plan his site map and then I do it in creatively format. After theat some of the MSME secured their domain using their paypal. Some get their domain at godaddy and some are on wordpress. Good for my MSME as he had already a domain. What we will do is to modify, reconstruct, enhance his website. We installed plug-ins such as yoast, FB messenger live chat, woocommerce, hubspot, zotobox as a preparation to be used in running the websites. This end for today’s session and we are then told to make a weekly report.

Day 3 RIS Technical Training

On day 3 of our training is being delayed due to somw technical problem encountered. There is no internet connections as it was struck by the lightning last night. The technical people are busy fixing the internet connection.

Other thing also that made tne session delayed is because it’s Monday and it is a flag raising day. The other one is the late coming of MSME.

Our topic is about Branding for Companies, Product and Service. We discussed how how important is branding as it will make the companies to stand-out among the competitors. In branding, it makes the consumer to mark it on their minds if they see a certain product, like google, apple, amazon. When we talk about seach online we immediately think of google. When we want to buy products online we think of amazon. So with gadget, when we talk about quality though its expensive and luxurious what comes our mind is Apple.

We discussed alsi the three threats online marketing, there’s Distraction, to which most consumers only look the product for just 9 sec of attention and then get distracted. So the challenge is to get their attention in that span of time. Another threat is competition as there are many other brands same feature and there are also imitations, so you have to make it stand-out from other competitors. The last one is commoditization,it is where we have to drop down the rate of our product,so that the consumer will pick our product. So it’s either we stand out as a business or don’t bother.

In order for a brand to capture some attention, it is important to fascinate our client or consumers. There are seven language of fascination. Each one is unique. There is Innovation, which speaks the language of creativity. Steve Jobs would be good example. There is Passion, which is the language of relationship. Then there’s Power, which speaks the language of confidence. Prestige, which is the language of excellence. Trust is the language of stability. Mystique is the language of listening and Alert as the language of details.

After the lecture has been done. We then matched with the MSME by drawing lot among the scholars. We then proceed to the MSME in taking the online test for their company brand. We talk with our assigned MSME. We discussed and plan how to make construct their about us story
using the 5 adjectives and the four pillar of brand fascination.

That’s end for the day and we then told for tomorrow’s activities with the MSME as their second day to be with their presence.